Going Green

Greener. Cleaner.

Products and procedures that are easier for your janitorial staff, better for facility occupants, and safer for the environment.





Trash Bags

Green Trash Bags from MBA are built withat least 80% recycled raw materials. Strong bags are 25% thinner than traditional products, reducing the raw material for production and the amount of bag material into the landfill.

Tissues and Towels

Green Paper Products are strong, soft, absorbent and easy on the environment.

Built with at least 80% recycled raw materials and are 100% biodegradable.

Cleaning Chemicals

Green Chemicals
Green Seal certified products are tested to be safe and smart for both janitorial staff and building occupants.


Green Lighting
Traditional incandescent light bulbs convert only 5-10% of electricity into light ... the rest is converted to heat.
You can make a major energy impact by using the right bulbs and the right use habits.

User Training

Green Training
These environmentally responsible products need to be used in the proper tasks with the best procedures. We provide the information that both janitors and facility occupants can use to make their time on earth healthier and wealthier.

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