The young man knew that his efficiency, service and honesty would also apply to selling trash bags. Instead of just listening to complaints, he started asked “Are you satisfied with what you’re buying?”

In early 1992, a young entrepreneur was selling and delivering toilet paper to hotels and health care facilities in New York City. Orders were on time in the quantity ordered (running out always proved to be disastrous).

Facility managers told stories about other products – trash can liners – that were too thin, or didn’t fit, or were short stocked.


Listening Led to the Startup

When there were more “no” answers than “yes”, the business grew and MBA Supply incorporated. Customers enjoyed MBA’s policy of “doing things the right way, the best way, the honest way.”

MBA Supply Continues to Serve

Today, MBA Supply continues to build its business with products that the building owner and manager needs for operations – cleaning chemicals, paper products, tools, pest controls, light bulbs… and just about anything else requested. Our membership in industry agencies like ISSA lets us provide the latest products, procedures and regulatory information, and we notify you through our new e-mail program. And by simply asking the same “What else do you need?” questions, MBA’s is planning for your future. And, of course, the need for toilet paper and trash bags will never fall away. MBA Supply is a family owned and privately held company with a fleet of trucks and strategically placed distribution centers.
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